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About Pivot..

This is Pivot 0.12.

I don't exactly know what license I'm going to release Pivot under, but most lilely it will be the MPL. It's going to be something like this:

Pivot is created and (c) by Bob den Otter. (mostly, that is. See below for exeptions..)

Pivot is free (as in beer speech). You can use pivot for free. You can also use the code I wrote and turn it into something else, but you have to make the derivatives of my work available for free as well. (like I used some parts of free code, and now I am giving it away for free). Also, if you do something cool with it, please send me mail to let me know. You can also mail me to ask questions about pivot, or flame me for doing a crappy job.

You are not allowed to re-distribute Pivot. This is because i used some third-party libraries/programs, and the authors of those pieces of software prohibit redistribution without their written consent. I have that permission, but you don't! If you want to re-distribute Pivot, you will have to contact me. If you do re-distrubute it, I will have disappointed the kind authors that have granted me the the permission to use their hard labour. If you do so I will have to come to your house and kick some ass! (Either that or i'll sue you, depending on how closeby you live. Believe me, I'm not kidding!)

If you run a website using Pivot, you must include a link to the Pivot site somewhere. A graphical banner will be greatly appreciated. There will be several banners available shortly. If these banners clash with your design, a textual link will be fine too.

Like i said, I designed and implemented Pivot. I used some excisting libraries/programs though, with the kind permission of the respective authors:
- Xmlfile, by Chris Monson.
- Weblogs.com ping thingee by Matt Bean.
- Fileupload.class, by David Fox, (http://www.angryrobot.com)
- Email Address Encoder, by Dan P. Benjamin (http://www.hivelogic.com/safeaddress/)
- The emoticons were made by Cerulean Studios for the excellent IM-software Trillian.